Google Maps

[ttbase_heading title=”12 Styles available” type=”h4″ margin_bottom=”50px”]

Choose from a large variety of google maps card styles that perfectly fits your websites style. Choose the style, set the height of the card and stretch it to full width or easily display it in the grid

[ttbase_spacer height=”50px”]
[ttbase_google_map api_key=”AIzaSyAczvbMZbgbPjgBbwEB-yxX4_TkREfUuxM” style=”3″ height=”700″]
[ttbase_google_map api_key=”AIzaSyAczvbMZbgbPjgBbwEB-yxX4_TkREfUuxM” style=”18″ height=”700″]
[ttbase_spacer height=”50px”][ttbase_google_map api_key=”AIzaSyAczvbMZbgbPjgBbwEB-yxX4_TkREfUuxM” map_type=”SATELLITE” style=”7″ height=”700″ zoom=”8″]