Hypervolt, delivers strong vibration, oscillation, and percussion to areas in need. The use of vibration reduces stiffness and adhesions by signaling inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system and producing a relaxed muscle, and increased blood flow and healing to the body. Step 1 prepares you for Step 2, hands on Therapy.

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Step 2 HEAL

Stretch Therapy

FST is functional and dynamic, and aims to improve every aspect of athletic performance and recovery. Fascia is fibrous connective tissue that wraps and supports muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, nerves—pretty much everything. In addition to reducing soreness, fascial stretching improves the blood flow to tired muscles, helping you to recover faster from tough training sessions with less soreness. FST could help you run faster, lift heavier, boost endurance, improve coordination, and increase flexibility. Stretching the fascia breaks up scar tissue and increases the range of motion in injured areas.

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Sports Massage 

Perfect for pre or post workouts, or for general overall body tuneup.  Enhance performance, speed up recovery time, and avoid injury with this hands on technique. Custom tailored to you and your specific needs, we break down adhesions which can eventually lead to injury and tight short muscles. Our technique elongates these muscles, accelerating recovery and preventing injuries. Try our add ons to increase your experience!

Add Ons:

CBD Pain Relief (topical)

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Massage Therapy

Step 3 FLUSH

Normatec Compression

We use the Normatec Pulse Pro recovery system, the most advanced rehab recovery solution on the market. The compression suit reduces swelling and inflammation in the upper and lower body following surgery, injury or post-workout recovery. Step 3 is the perfect way to end your ultimate fitness recovery treatment.

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